Amusement Parks

I've found amusement parks to be a wonderful subject for my pinhole camera.  The long exposures tend to make the people present disappear, and captured movement adds dreaminess to some of these scenes.
Pinhole photo of Italian swings in Newark, Delaware in 2006.
Pinhole photo by Nancy Breslin of a spinning carouselat night at Fantasy Island on Long Beach Island, NJ. 
Pinhole photo of a spinning carousel on Clarence Pier, Portsmouth, UK.
Pinhole photo on the Coney Island boardwalk, 2014.
Pinhole photograph of a spinning carousel, Seattle, Washington.
Pinhole photo of a train at the St Hedwig's Festival in Wilmington, Delaware, 2012.
Nancy's five minute introduction to pinhole photography explains how pinhole cameras work and introduces the work of some pinhole photographers.