Installed Work

Nancy Breslin's work has been exhibited widely.  Below are photos of some of the work installed in galleries.   
Five images from the pinhole series called Amenities, exhibited at the Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts in 2012.
A solo show of Squaremeals pinhole photos at the Arlington Art Center, Virginia, 2005. 
Installation at the Chris White Gallery in Wilmington, DE, 2010, called Red World/Blue World, consisting of eggshells, inkjet prints, and looping video.
Two person show at Chris White Gallery, Wilmington, DE, in conjunction with the NWAA and Winterthur.
Quad of cell phone photos of tulips taken in Emily Dickinson's garden, Amherst, 2012.
Another view of Nancy Breslin's solo show "Pinhole Projects" at the Delaplaine Center in Frederick, MD, 2013..