Gardens by Cell Phone

While wandering through the Jardim Bot├ónico in Lisbon in 2012 I took some photos with the retro camera app on my cell phone.  I liked the results and started using the same approach in other gardens as I traveled.  At the time the file size from the app was quite small.  In order to make larger works of adequate resolution I created a quad of images from each location, set in a digital frame of scanned watercolor paper.  I try to capture the feel of each garden while choosing individual shots with complementary balance, color, and texture.    
Cell phone photos of flowers from the orchid garden in Singapore.
Four cell phone photos taken at the Lotus Garden in Ubud, Bali, 2015. 
4 cell phone photos of roses taken at Skansen, Stockholm, 2015.
Quad of photos taken along the High Line in Manhatten, 2012.
Quad of cell phone photos of tulips taken in Emily Dickinson's garden, Amherst, 2012.
Four photos taken by mobile phone at Winterthur's garden in Delaware, 2013..